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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  March 5, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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student protesters refused to leave the capital in sacramento. ktvu is there tonight as the capital closes and law enforcement forcement moves in. >> good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. ken wayne is there at the capital, he was there for that
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show down that took place. >> reporter: dozens of protesters are being booked right now on trespassing charges after this large and noisy demonstration at the state capital. >> several hundred protesters gathered inside the capital rotunda to protest against budget cuts to education. many said they were willing to be arrested. >> the money is there. >> reporter: gavin newsom spoke to students and said he understood the frustration. >> look at what we've done. doubled tuition, tripled it in the last year. people are angry about it. >> reporter: an extra 150 highway patrol officers were called in to handle the crowd
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as well adds offers from fulsome and chico. officers gave the order to disperse after 8:00 p.m. >> you are here by noticed to leave the area. >> reporter: police moved in to take the protesters to jail. >> the building obviously closed at 1800 hours, we gave them more time than allowed or needed. >> reporter: among the demands made by the protesters testers canceling student debt and having the rich pay for education. >> i think the amount of people that are here to show that we're ready. >> reporter: we just checked with capital police to find out how many people have been arrested. they say the situation is fluid but the latest numbers we have is that 67 people were arrested inside the capital building. three people were arrested outside including one person
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who had a switchblade knife. live in sacramento, ken wayne, ktvu. >> organizers of today's rally say it was meant to deliver a loud yet peaceful message to lawmakers. dozens of students and supporters traveled to the capital from across the state. they want funding of higher education restored. >> i think all movements start with a little energy and then start to pick up a little bit more. that's going to do just that. >> reporter: they say education is a right and not just for the privileged. an anticipated report on the use of pepper spray at uc davis is not being released tomorrow as scheduled. this video of a police officer spraying seated activists was seen around the world. the campus police officers union filed a restraining order
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they don't want it made public. the regents promised to release the results as soon as the legal issued are resolved. police are at the scene of a shooting that left one person dead and sent the car he was driving careening head on into another vehicle. four members of an innocent father family were i'veing in ta car -- four innocent members of an innocent family were riding in a car. it was in that median that the two vehicles came to rest. if you look closely you can probably see some of the glass left behind. the driver of a bentley was shot a week ago, that car kept moving until it slammed head on into a monte carlo.
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>> after he was shot he drove his vehicle and was involved in a head on collision. >> reporter: oakland police are trying to figure out who fired several shots at the driver of the bentley as he traveled westbound. the victim slammed into another vehicle with a mom, her two children and their aunt inside. >> we believe the other vehicle was attempting to make a turn to go northbound own 86th avenue and was struck by the victim's vehicle. >> reporter: her 10-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son also transported to the hospital all suffered minor injuries. the sergeant that was here on scene tell us they don't have any suspect information. they don't know if the shots were fired from another vehicle or if the suspect was on foot. police are not releasing the
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name of a victim, but a man stopped and said he knew the driver of that bentley. h -- he was clearly upset and said he was tired of the violence. another shooting in oakland sent one person to the hospital. the victim was shot in the chest. we saw police questioning a number of people in the area and evidence technicians who were marking items. so far no official words about police about a suspect or a motive. a bomb squad was called to a home to dispose of world war ii explosives. the homeowner says he found the world war ii ordnance while getting his home up for sale. he said he had been getting rid of several things, until he found something he knew he
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could not handle. authorities evacuated the neighborhood while the bomb squad detonated the ammunition. the home was owned busy his grandmother who was in world war ii. there are primaries in 10 different states, the biggest prize is georgia with 76 delegates right there. that's the home turf for newt gingrich and he is heavily favored. ohio has 63 delegates and polls there show that the race is a total toss up between mitt romney and rick santorum. all together 419 delegates are up for grabs. most states will divvy them up. the latest average of recent national polls has romney with 38%. that gives them a 12 point lead
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over rick santorum. we get more now from reporter, chris foster on what the republicans did today to grab delegates tomorrow. mitt romney greeting supporters in ohio hoping to cash in on his momentum after five straight victories. romney pushing his message of wanting to push the economy. >> this is the place of interpreneuroing, and innovators because i want good jobs and rising incomes again, that's what it's all about. >> reporter: rick santorum also campaigning in the buckeye state where the two are polling in a practical dead heat. santorum trying to garner votes and gain the advantage. >> this is the opportunity for ohio to stand up and do what's best. >> reporter: santorum suggested the presence of the former speaker is splitting the conservative vote and holding him back. gingrich enjoying a double digit lead in his home state of georgia says the poll numbers
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and supporters are growing in other states as well. >> poll just came out in tennessee that we are surging and gained at 17 points in one week. >> reporter: ron paul is homing one or two of the states holding a caucus on tuesday will finally hand him a victory. paul is campaigning after hitting alaska on sunday. >> we have not had economic growth. >> reporter: a recent survey by the american research group has romney and santorum all tied up in tennessee where 56 delegates are up for grabs. chris foster, fox news. and stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. and in eight minutes
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evidence that voters took note of limbaugh's comments. the drop at the voter box. tech industry analysts says scott thompson is looking to trim expenses as the company continues to get a climb in revenues. a third of the company's 14,000 employees work in sunny vale at yahoo headquarters. zynga is using some of its profits to buy the building that it currently -- a ruling tonight from a santa clara judge has cleared the way for construction of a new 49ers stadium possibly to
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begin as early as this spring. the superior court judge ruled that opponents could not rule. the loan amounts to an administrative act and that voters had just one legislative shot to direct policy. simultaneous earthquakes whatcha lookin' for hon?
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so you don't miss a thing. swiffer. better clean in half the time. or your money back. and for dry messes big and small try swiffer sweeper vac. more dui cases in san francisco could be tossed out. john adachi said today the police department failed to conduct a proper test. >> this habit probably went back to 2006. so we're talking about roughly a six year period. >> reporter: district attorney george gascon says the equipment will not be used in cases until the police department does proper testing. and his office won't
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prosecution cases where there may be irregularities. the u.s. navy announced plans to give their sailors breathalyzer tests when they report to work. that's not all. they will also give tests for synthetic marijuana. two earthquake just seconds apart rattled the bay area just seconds apart and people are still talking about it tonight. the first measured 2.5 the second 4.0. both were centered on the north side of the el cerrito. one of our crew members asked people what they felt. >> i sleep on the top bunk, so i felt it more. those earthquake happens on the hay ward fall. earthquakes on that fault line
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feel different depending on what side of the fault you're on. >> they hit five miles behind el cerrito. an unusual tap. >> it was just a small shake, it stopped for a second and stronger shake after that. >> reporter: there was some minor damage and a few scary moments. >> i left from my chair and i was out the door. and by the time i got out the door the shock was over. >> reporter: this golf course so well known to geologists they actually dug a trefrplg to find the hayward fault -- dug a trench to find the hayward fault. the hayward fault is quite different from one side to the other. loser rocks east, more solid west say it uc berkeley. >> here you feel more of a jolt or impulse. there you feel more rolling motions.
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>> reporter: in this cross section looking east into the fault. dark well shows rocks slipping and yellow where those areas are locked. meaning potential for a bigger quake. >> so yes, those pieces are more dangerous but, when the big one happens it's going to affect all of us. >> reporter: scientists say there's a 62% chance in 30 years of a bay area big one. and these small quakes should be a warning. be prepared. health and science editor, john fowler ktvu. has an extensive earthquake sections with tools to protect yourself. just look for the tab on the home page. in 22 minutes we checked on major bay area infrastructure projects. how seismic upgrades are progressing. the attorney for san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi wants his trial moved because of the publicity of the charges. today the judge ruled a former
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girlfriend of mirakrimi can testify. perez is alleging that mirakrimi was abusive to her during their relationship. he is accused of domestic violence charges, child endangerment because the child was present and the third is dissuading a witness. former chronicle editor phil bronstein is being called as a witness. lopez apparently called bronstein. he was quoted as saying he can't talk about the case because he is under subpoena. it's the eve of super tuesday and a lot of people are still talking about what rush limbaugh said. >> republican key maker or
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entertainer? >> it takes her a slut right? >> reporter: the talk show host took a hit with republicans voting tomorrow. that's after limbaugh called a student a slut. >> i would not buy any product that advertising with with him. >> reporter: many of limbaugh's advertisers seem to agree with steiner. >> we will replace them. >> i don't think that a statement like this issued saying that his choice of words wáuz not the best changes -- was not the best changes anything. >> reporter: i was offended by limbaugh's comments. >> reporter: terry does not think limbaugh's comments will change the vote. as for the contested republican race. >> i think we're going to be having this fight continue for
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at least a few more weeks. >> but not to california. >> not to california. >> reporter: political analysts say it's no coincidence that on the same day republicans in ten states are voting for his republican replacement president obama is holding his first news conference since november. in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now, aol today joined a growing list of companies pulling their ad from rush limbaugh's radio show. among the eight companies so far, proflowers, quick and loans and citrix systems. and talking about a few light showers tonight it went from really nice weather, if you go outside now it's cool, it's cloudy and light showers showing up around santa rosa. live storm tracker (303)350-
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5050 two picking these -- live storm tracker 2 picking these up. you will notice it tomorrow will feel like winter. it's going to be quick then things begin to change around. but tomorrow day time highs just in the 50s. breezy, a wind advisory in effect tomorrow. and we also have some very cool temperatures on tap with light scattered shower possible in the early morning hours. when i come back we will look at the computer model, we will look at your five day forecast with your weekend in view. see you back here. there were some scary moments for some tourists visiting hoover van. take a look. 60 people were traveling on this bus to the dam. everyone was able to get off that bus unharmed. investigators say they don't know yet what caused the fire but the area is very steep and vehicles often overheat. a plea for help tonight --
11:51 pm
>> it's frustrating. it's annoying something is missing. the search for a bay area woman's van after someone stole it and why that van is so important to
11:52 pm
11:53 pm
a paralyzed college student from vallejo is pleading for the public's help tonight. as janine de la vega explains, a thief stole something very important to her. >> it's frustrating, it's annoying something is missing. >> reporter: tara stairs at the spot where her blue caravan van used to sit. >> there was no backseat in it.
11:54 pm
you knew it belonged to someone with a wheelchair and you took it any way. >> reporter: it paralyzed her from the chest down, round tree played softball at patton university and is studying to become a teacher. >> i'm so motivated to become a math teacher, i'm so motivated to go back to school and the van would help me get there. >> reporter: rounttrees mother would have to pick her up and put her in her car. his back up manual wheelchair worth about $2,000 was in the van that was stolen. for the last 24 hours, rountree has been on social media trying to get the word out. >> you can drop it off in front of my house and leave. i just need the van back. please. >> reporter: rountree has filed a police record but needs your help. the van is a 1993 blue caravan.
11:55 pm
it has sun spots on the hood. the license plate number is 6tkk404. injured giant's fan bryan stow has been moved to a rehab center. the 43-year-old father of two suffered brain damage in the attack in march of last year. the blog says stow still needs help getting dressed and moving to and from his chair and that he suffers short term memory loss. the trial of the two men suspected of beating stow is set to begin in la next week. one of the groups trying to recall oakland major gene --
11:56 pm
jean quan says it is abandoning it's petition. three groups are still working to recall the mayor and continue to circulate petitions. a comedian known for his impersonations of former president george w. bush died suddenly today. >> the media really ticks me off. the way they try to embarrass me by not editing what i say. >> reporter: you may remember when steve bridges did an impersonation of president bush while he was standing right next to him in 2006. bridges manager said a made found him dead in his los angeles home in morning. authorities believe he died of natural causes. steve bridges was 48 years old. neighbors called them a nuisance, now geese are l(@@ (
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♪ new at 10:00 the redwood city council adjusted an ordnance tonight to help fight off nuisance geese. lloyd lacuesta spoke to residents who say they're not so much fed up with the bird it's what they leave behind, lloyd. >> reporter: the problem is you see them behind me there, canadian geese. even if you don't meet them they do leave a calling card. hundreds may be thousands of canadian geese flock to redwood shores. while some of the birds migrate seasonably, many have taken up residency year round and when you have geese what they eat eventually comes out. >> full grown canada goose can leave a pound or so of dropping
12:00 am
behind a day. >> reporter: so the community association wants to give home and property owners geese mitigation already allowed by state and federal laws. the ability to use water hoses to scare gear, leashed dogs and electronic noise makers. >> what we do is try to control where they are. we are surrounded by federal and state wildlife preserve areas on all three side of the shores with lots of wetlands, lots of places they can be. >> reporter: the law presrepts the geese from being physically touched so they wander everywhere. it has become a nuisance on walk ways and trails but one bicyclists says he can ride around their droppings. >> i see people driving around
12:01 am
trying to shoo them away with ribbons and stuff it doesn't really do anything. >> the idea hasn't ruffled too many feathers as no one showed up to speak against annoying the geese. the city council passed it and the plan starts immediately, one suggestion made is stop feeding the geese. lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. and we asked our facebook friends what they think about redwood city's new policy. valerie cal says destroying their nest is going a bit too far in my opinion. grove points out what she thinks is the root of the problem. this is really a story about climate change. tell us what you think, like us on ktvu channel two on facebook. when you go to the polls in june you won't be asked what party you belong in. under the new system all statewide and local candidates will be on the june ballot. the top two vote getters will
12:02 am
face off against each other in november making it possible that some races will have two candidates from the same party. the rule does not affect presidential parties. president obama met with israeli president. >> the united states will always have israel's back when it comes to national security. >> israel have the right, the sovereign rights to make its own decisions, i believe that's why you appreciate mr. president that israel must reserve the right to defend itself. >> reporter: president obama said he believes there is still time for pressure and diplomacy and both understand the action. holder say lethal force is legal after a law passed in the
12:03 am
september 11 attack. the president of israel is in the bay area tonight and he spept the day learning about sill -- spent the day learning about silican valley technology. >> reporter: the israeli president acknowledges he is monitoring tensions between his country and iran. but right now he is focusing on the silican valley. >> i want to see the future. how it looks. >> reporter: getting a close up look at nano technology. >> now it's scanning again to show us. it shows where it is moving. >> reporter: the president says he is interested in technology both from a scientific as well as economic point of view. >> it's not money that produces money. it is science that produces money. >> the president also plans to
12:04 am
visit facebook tomorrow to launch his international page, he's already set up his own personal page. >> facebook introduced the deepest social change. more than political politics. >> are you enjoying having a facebook friend. >> be my friend. >> reporter: during his visit here at ibm we asked president peres about a possible conflict between israel and iran. he expressed hope for a solution, and he expressed support on obama's so called bottom line. >> do not allow them to develop a nuclear bomb. there's a lot of internet chatter about a name change. apple rumor websites are reporting from allegedly credible sources that the next
12:05 am
apple tablet will be called i pad hd that would help promote the new high deaf e screen that's expected on the i pad. the big unveiling is expected in san francisco this wednesday. a man in eastern china is a big winner for downloading the game where's my water on the i tunes app store. apple provided details today saying that that app was the 25th billion i tune download. apple is giving that man who downloaded it and i tunes gift card worth $10,000. >> that's a lot of songs. a high school speed chase and a young driver at the wheel. just how old he is and what prompted the chase. and back here in just 10 minute, live storm tracker 2. showing some green right now and wind advisory. al
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it's getting crowded
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new video now from solano county where a high speed per -- pursuit with a 19-year-old taken into custody. the chase began in fairfield about 8:30 tonight after a hit- and-run. fairfield police say he was driving erratically at speeds up to 90 miles per hour so they called off the pursuit. but with the help of the highway patrol the teenager finally stopped and surrendered. police say that the car was stolen. an oakland teenager accused of strangling his parents and then trying to burn their bodies pleaded not guilty today to two counts of murder. moses cayman is accused of killing susan pods and raymond cayman at their home. the teen provided police a
12:09 am
detailed account. a pretrial hearing is set for april. today's earthquake on the hayward fault is a reminder of the seismic work being done. other construction projects that are currently under way like the doyle drive approach are designed with the latest seismic technology. >> it is now really a world reknowned resource for places to come to learn what to do correctly in order to strengthen our infrastructure, to be prepared for an earthquake. the new fourth bore of the cald earthquake cut tunnel are also being tested to make sure they're ready for a quake. united airlines travelers found fewer problems today as they tried to sign in for flights. the airline experienced significant delays over the
12:10 am
weekend as it continued the merge. operations seem to be working more smoothly today as upwards of 80% of uniteds flights were on time. many moscow hundreds of demonstrators we detained today while protesting putin winning the presidential election. observers say they saw some evidence of fraud. putin was prime minister. in may he will begin a new sixth year term as president. joe biden met with calderon during a one day visit. mr.calderon asked the vice president to do more to stop drugs and weapons into mexico. biden says without a ban, america is doing all it can to
12:11 am
stop weapons from crossing the border. britain's prince harry is on a jubilee tour in honor of his grandmother. a warning tonight about two different scans targeting homeowners. >> i couldn't get money to tours, couldn't buy anything at the stores. >> reporter: big problems in a south bay suburb, the all day project to fix a major communications break down. bill martin tracking a change, rather a chance for showers tomorrow. he has your complete bay area forecast. but up first [ female announcer ] with swiffer wetjet,
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♪ wake up! wake up! wake up! wake... and for dry messes big and small no, jack! i gotta get up or i'm gonna miss breakfast. don't worry, i serve breakfast all day. so you can get my new sourdough breakfast melts anytime. choose from ham or bacon with egg and cheese on toasted sourdough. get 2 for just $3.50. i'm bacon surfing! hey, 5th grade teacher. hi brian. this is an awesome dream. woo! i've had better. new video just in from
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sunny vale tonight. police say a man swerving to keep from hitting a dog ended up hitting a tree. a witness told us the man driving the car was frantically trying to get out of that vehicle when two good samaritans were able to help him out. the driver was not hurt. but the car was batly damaged. self-phones, atms and gas stations were just some of the things morgan hill residents had to live without today. what caused an outage that took many businesses online for hours. >> we can't pick anything up. >> reporter: this insurance agent's computer network was down all day and that was just the start of the problem. >> we can't e-mail anybody. we can't talk to none of our clients through the e-mail or through the phone the phone is dead too. and my cell phone is gone too. so i can't contact anybody. >> reporter: when lui lopez started calling his mother in morgan hill this morning the line just rang and rang.
12:15 am
when he tried calling his team mobile cell phone, this. the communication disruption all started this morning when a construction crew with a backhoe accidentally cut a fiberoptic line. >> we haven't had information of any lost calls to 911 or dropped calls. as far as we know it's working as normal. >> reporter: some cell phone service was disrupted along with verizon land lines. >> i can't call out at all. that's the problem. house phone is working fine. >> i couldn't get money from the atm's. >> reporter: this wells fargo bank referred customers to near
12:16 am
by banks. maureen naylor, ktv you -- ktvu channel 2 news. pg & e says customers should also ask to see identification before letsing anyone claiming to be from pg & e into their home. if a customer still feels uncomfortable they're urged to call 911. officials from the program keep your home california say the program is free and no one should pay anyone anything for assistance. keep your home california offers free mortgage assistance and other help. survivors of a deadly
12:17 am
tornado face another set back today. parts of kentucky and indiana received two inches of snow that makes clean up dangerous. officials from the federal housing agency spanned out to access the damage. checking reports on the ground for light showers in the north bay. nothing really showing up yet. we have showers up around hum -- humble. you see that line of showers draping itself across the area. so far nothing showing up. but we do have a forecast of light sprinkles in the bay area forecast. they are overnight pretty much after you go to bed and before most of us get up tomorrow. then they are gone. you're going to notice wind and cooler. it is a winter day tomorrow. it's going to feel like winter. today it didn't. the weekend didn't. but tomorrow is going to feel like early march.
12:18 am
maybe a few patchy clouds, a few sprinkles. those winds will ramp up. we could go 25, 30 miles per hour in a few ridge lines. wind could get up to 50 to 60 miles per hour. tomorrow is a breezy day. as this system slides south it's for light sprinkles possible overnight. gone by 9:00, 10:00 in the morning. chilly, temperatures just in the 60s and strong winds. that's your bay area tuesday. your forecast goes like this. here's monday at 10:00 where we are now. as you go into here you see the green. san rafael 3:00 a.m. little activity down here just east or west of san jose. then there we are peninsula at about 5:00 a.m. is this going to slow you down and be a problem for your commute? not really. it might be a little red out here toward livermore as well. but this is really light stuff. when you're looking at blues on the live storm tracker 2 it's really drizzle. and sometimes it isn't anything because it evaporating before
12:19 am
it hits the ground. windy conditions, cooler tomorrow. your tuesday will be noticeably cooler and you will be sending your kids to school with jackets, you will be leaving with a jacket. in the afternoon you will be looking for the jacket because you will still need it. daytime highs a good 15 degrees cooler than they were today. definitely a cooldown. here's the deal though. it warms right back up. we have a shot of sprinkle goes to winter. wednesday, thursday and friday and then back to winter on the weekened. >> thanks big. thank you, bill. a uc berkeley study shows that phones limited while driving save lives. they found that deaths blamed on drivers using hand held cell phones were down 47%. they also found a similar drop in traffic injuries. state officials say the ban also seems to have sent a message that any kind of cell phone use can be distracting
12:20 am
because about 40% of drivers now say they are talking less with when they are behind the wheel. sony disclosed today that data stolen by hackers included michael jackson's entire collection of songs. that includes michael jackson's recorded music as well as unpublicized. british authorities arrested two suspects. sony purchased jackson's music collection for $250 million back in 2010. a san mateo grocery store destroyed thousands of pounds of frozen food today. freezers at the smart and final store on south norfolk street broke down for a time leaving the store no choice but to throw away the food. the store
12:21 am
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[ stu ] yeah. it's electric. i don't think so. it's got a gas tank right here. electric tank, right over here. an electric tank? really, stu? is that what you pour the electricity in? it's actually both, guys. i can plug in and go 35 miles gas free, or i can fill up and go a whole lot farther. is that my burger? oh. i just got bun. i didn't even bite any burger.
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here's big news from verizon wireless and xfinity from comcast. now get the xfinity triple play and verizon wireless together. call 855-704-7400 to sign up and get a free smartphone. choose one of our hottest phones. verizon wireless and xfinity. tv, home phone, internet and wireless together. it seemed like a fantastic way to mark this very special year for britain. long distance rowers were
12:24 am
promoting their plan to row across the atlantic ocean before the olympics. this time they're going to take on the stormy atlantic for a good cause. >> this is about trying to do something to give some inspiration to other people. children and kids growing up if you really put your mind to something you can change perhaps your destiny and learn things. >> reporter: morris and savage will head out in may. they hope to arrive at the olympic two months later. >> the áf -- a lot of rowing. and little school that can. st.mary's is going all those usual gonzaga nearly crashed the party. the automatic berth comes to the winner of the wucc
12:25 am
tournament title in vegas. gails up one. mat deladova up two # points. for the zags harris with a bomb with two seconds left to force overtime. john stockton his son, the hall of famer plays on the team checking it out. but the gails outscore the zags. short of the runner, clenching down the stretch. four straight years these two teams have gone to conference tournament final and each winning two this year it is st. mary's turn. probasketball when a mediocre team plays at their very best against a very good team plays at their worse they'll take it. washington is woeful. giant fans checking monta out. ending the third quarter with a long shot nearly at half court. the were kwors scored 75 points
12:26 am
they have 65 at halftime. curry with a three there from way downtown. at the end of the third quarter he had 12 points. the final 120 to 100. warriors with on a 2-1 road trip. the kind of exhibition game that will get you to turn the channel over to the bachelor. which gives you a look at how entertaining the game was. long shot off the bat of aubrey huff who needs badly to have many of those this year. trying to make a come back and later for the brewers it's a former giant, remember travis ichicawa trying to hook up with the brewers. he goes deep and this game belonged in scotsdale to the visiting brewers to the tune of 7-3. a couple of baseball
12:27 am
legends. manny was 0-3 and the angels win the game handedly. the sharks could use anything we resembling good news. tomorrow they will have their coach back on the early -- back on the bench. mcclelan. shark right now the eighth seed. barely hanging on. >> yeah and then how much longer do they have? >> a little over a month left. but it's all about when you get hot. >> how about st. mary's. that's fantastic so they're automatically in the tournament. >> automatically going to the tournament they beat their arch rival the zags. >> i call them the little school that can. >> they did tonight. thank you.
12:28 am
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